Slide To The Side Records, better known as STTS Records, is a small underground music label based in Greece. With a focus on hip hop, phonk, and trap, STTS has become a hotbed for innovative and raw talent in the music world.


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Slide To The Side

The label’s mission is to provide a platform for artists looking to break free from the constraints of mainstream hip hop and showcase their unique sound.
STTS— slide to the side—STTS— slide to the side STTS— slide to the side—STTS— slide to the side—STTS— slide to the side STTS— slide to the side—

STTS Records, also known as Slide To The Side Records, is a compact underground music label situated in Greece. Specializing in hip hop, trap, and phonk, the label has established itself as a breeding ground for original and unpolished talent in the music industry.

Feel free to email your demo to us. Our email address is  demo[at] Additionally message us on instagram to @sttsrecords.

Sardos97 is the producer behind the project. He has been creating music since 2000 and has amassed a dedicated following for his unique sound that blends various genres such as hip hop, trap, and phonk. Sardos97’s passion for music began at a young age, and he has spent countless hours perfecting his craft in the studio. His love for experimenting with new sounds and techniques has helped him carve out a distinct style that sets him apart from other producers. In addition to producing his own music, Sardos97 also collaborates with other artists, helping them to create tracks that showcase their individuality and creativity. Through his music, Sardos97 aims to inspire and connect with listeners from all walks of life.

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