Sardos – Rituals [Digital]


100% analog recordings heavy lo-fi electronic beats with no genre specific. 6 tracks with a blend of techno heat to Memphis rap style rolling. Plus, field’s recording during a summer night in greek agriculture, dogs, owls, bats, a goose, and high speed highway drone along some jams with a bunch of drum machines and synths with different connectivity



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  1. Cutted Tongue 03:22
  2. Mad Itches 04:22
  3. Bullin 03:09
  4. Raptor 02:26
  5. Oldskull 01:47
  6. Love Theme 05:04
  7. Summer Night Visions 25:05


All tracks produced by Sardos
Tracks 1-6 mastering done at Railway studios Athens
Tracks 1-6 mixed by Markos Spanoudakis

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